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A new platform called the Digital Services Hub will be coming in June with a broader range of services.

It will host APIs and services that have been onboarded by Health NZ, and include a developer portal with application programming interface (API) testing capabilities and identity and access protections.

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Explore a curated list of data sources and digital services to find what you need to get started.

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New Zealand is rich with health data sources, APIs and digital services, but there isn't one place to share what you have or find what you need.

Hira Marketplace offers that place — a national, centralised, searchable hub that surfaces what is available.

We're starting with a few APIs and services and will grow to offer more soon.

Partner with Hira

Hira Marketplace will make health data access and integration easier — without replacing what already works for you.

Get in touch to let us know what you need or to find out what's coming next.

If you provide or consume APIs or digital services, you can also register to test Hira Marketplace in its early stages.


Improve healthcare with digital solutions


Patient-facing apps

Through Hira, developers can easily find and integrate with APIs to build technologies like health apps. These products will support New Zealanders to access and manage their own health information and share it with people they trust.



Connected systems

Healthcare systems can be more connected so that healthcare providers can access the right information. This means they can provide the best care when and where it's needed.


Accurate, secure data

Comprehensive national health data and anonymised information can inform research and planning for the future of health. Privacy and security standards are at Hira's core — only the right people can access the right information.

About the Hira Programme

Hira and Te Rangapū Tiriti partner with communities, health providers and the digital health industry to deliver healthy futures for all New Zealanders.

Find out more about Hira and what it will deliver.

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