Browse a list of APIs for key health information databases, and guidance on how to access them.

A new platform called the Digital Services Hub will be coming in June with a broader range of services.

It will host APIs and services that have been onboarded by Health NZ, and include a developer portal with application programming interface (API) testing capabilities and identity and access protections.

  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment

    Estimate the risk of a person having a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack within the next five years.

    • Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora
  • eSAM Address Web Service

    Access accurate and standardised address and geospatial data.

    • Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora
  • Healthpoint API

    Access in-depth information about New Zealand health and social services.

    • Healthpoint
  • Health Provider Index

    Access information about health practitioners, facilities and organisations within New Zealand.

    • Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora
  • Medicines Data Repository

    Access information about prescribed and dispensed medicines.

    • Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora
  • National Health Index

    View the NHI number and identity information of a health and disability service consumer.

    • Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora
  • New Zealand Health Terminology Service

    Access terms, codes, synonyms and definitions for clinical documentation and reporting in health information systems and applications.

    • Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora