Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment

Managed by: Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora

Estimate the risk of a person having a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack within the next five years.


Te Whatu Ora — Health New Zealand provides a Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) based Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment (CVDRA) service for New Zealand healthcare providers.

The CVDRA service, based on algorithms specific to the New Zealand population, helps show the risk of a person between ages 30 and 74 having a serious cardiovascular event in the next five years.


The CVDRA API is free to use and can be integrated with an appropriate Practice Management System (PMS) and / or a user interface (UI) for end-users.

The CVDRA API calculates the cardiovascular risk based on parameters which both specify the type of algorithm to use and the values for calculation.

The variables used to calculate cardiovascular risk include:

  • age
  • sex
  • National Health Index (NHI) number
  • ethnicity
  • New Zealand Deprivation Index (NZDep) score
  • height, weight, smoking status, diabetes, personal health history, family health history, and other clinical measures directly related to cardiovascular disease risk.

Once complete, the CVDRA API returns a five-year risk value, along with information based on this risk, for example heart-age and risk trajectories.

Who can use this API

The API is intended for integration with:

  • practice management systems or third-party integrators
  • consumer-facing services, such as the Heart Foundation’s online heart health check, My Heart Check(external link).

It can then be used by primary health organisations (PHOs), general practitioners (GPs), nurses, health service providers and the public.

Example use cases

The following are a few scenarios that the API might be used for.

  • Assess the CVD risk of a patient.
  • Discuss care planning and risk management with a patient.
  • Enable patients to calculate and understand their CVD risk.
  • Generate and print a report of your cardiovascular risk.
  • Create an application for the public to estimate their risk of heart attack and stroke.

API type


Onboarding and implementation

If you are a health or IT provider and are interested in using the CVDRA service, contact the Te Whatu Ora — Health New Zealand Long-Term Conditions team at


The CVDRA service is currently operated on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. API implementation details can be found on the Swagger UI website.

Systole Cardiovascular Risk Calculator API — Swagger UI(external link)

Learn more

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