Health Provider Index

Managed by: Health New Zealand — Te Whatu Ora

Access information about health practitioners, facilities and organisations within New Zealand.


The Health Provider Index (HPI) is a national database that collects and distributes information about health practitioners, facilities and organisations within New Zealand.

HPI data is supplied by ‘responsible authorities’, for example medical councils and boards, who are authorised to supply their data. The data is only shared with health service providers who are authorised to use it.

Health Provider Index API

This API enables health providers to access the information stored in the HPI through their digital platforms. The HPI API includes the following data sets:

View the identity and registration details of a practitioner. Search for a practitioner using their HPI person identifier, council number or name.

Details of where a health practitioner works and how they can be contacted. A practitioner may work at more than one facility — each record represents one role at a location.

Search, create and update the role of a practitioner.

The identity, location and contact details of facilities or places where healthcare is provided.

Search for a facility using their name, type, address, District Health Board (DHB) or HPI Facility identifier.

The identity and contact details of health organisations.

Search for an organisation using their New Zealand Business Number (NZBN), HPI Organisation identifier or organisation name.

Who can use this API

The HPI Organisation and HPI Facility data is available to any health providers or organisations that support health providers. Integrators are encouraged to use HPI Organisation and HPI Facility identifiers wherever possible in their applications.

Access to practitioner details that are already available on responsible authorities' public registers is available to all health providers.

Access to other practitioner details, like their place of work and contact details, is restricted to authorised organisations and users only.

API type



All API endpoints will adhere to Fast Healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR) interoperability standards. The New Zealand HPI Implementation Guide sets out all the artefacts that are necessary to understand and use the FHIR API.

New Zealand HPI Implementation Guide(external link)

Onboarding and implementation

To get started, complete the online onboarding request form. You will need to provide information about your organisation and the application you will integrate with.

Onboarding Request form(external link)

Once your onboarding request has been approved, you will be provided with the information to start integration. The onboarding team will be in touch if further information is required.

If you require help or have any questions regarding the onboarding process, please contact our team by completing a general enquiry form.

General enquiry form(external link)

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