Healthpoint API

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Access in-depth information about New Zealand health and social services.


The Healthpoint API provides an easy way for third party applications, websites and health organisations to get healthcare and social service content from the Healthpoint website.

Healthpoint API

The Healthpoint API provides in-depth information about healthcare, social services, associated practitioners (practitionerRoles) and locations. The Healthpoint API website has documentation, examples, samples and the OpenAPI tool to test querying the API.

Healthpoint has comprehensive coverage of GP practices, urgent care clinics, community pharmacies, private specialists and hospitals, mental health and addiction services, dentists, optometrists, allied health services, family violence and sexual harm services and COVID-19 testing and vaccination services. Healthpoint also profiles kaupapa Māori, Pacific, public hospital, social, community, midwifery and cancer support services.

The Healthpoint API uses these FHIR resources.

  • View detailed content provided by healthcare and social services about who they are, what they do and how to access them.
  • Search for healthcare services by any combination of branch-code (category), healthpoint service type, services provided type, specialty, HPI facility, HPI organisation identifier, healthpoint ID, name, location, region, district (formerly DHB), subregion (suburb or town), latitude/longitude.
  • Mental health and addiction programme search is also available (programme region, programme area, programme type, programme age groups, programme referral type).

View information about a practitioner, including their photo, biography, interests, subspecialties, post-fellowship training, title and qualifications. Search for a practitioner by name, Healthpoint ID or gender.

A practitioner may work at one or many healthcare services and each linkage is a single practitionerRole. Search practitionerRole by their practitioner ID, or practitionerRole ID.

Provides the contact details and geocoordinates for a location. Search a location by Healthpoint ID, name or address.

Who can use this API

The Healthpoint API is available to any organisation in New Zealand that will use the content to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. The Healthpoint API cannot be used for marketing purposes.

Example use cases

Example use cases for the Healthpoint API

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Onboarding and implementation

Register at link). The Healthpoint team will contact you to validate your access and provide support.


The Healthpoint API is a RESTful implementation of the HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard for healthcare data exchange. The API is built using HAPI FHIR, an open-source implementation of the FHIR specification in Java. The API is hosted on AWS Sydney and is built using AWS infrastructure such as AWS API gateway.

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