Digital Services

Browse a list of digital services that support or help you use health data and information.

New digital services are being added all the time.

  • Digital Health Identity

    Enable both health consumers and health professionals to interact with online health services and applications using a trusted and secure identity service.

    • Te Whatu Ora — Health New Zealand
  • Healthify He Puna Waiora

    Find information about health topics, medicines, healthy living and health services through the Healthify website.

    • Health Navigator Charitable Trust
  • Rapid Rēhita

    Digitise and manage new general practice (GP) enrolments through a secure online form.

    • Rapid Rēhita
  • Tuku Iho

    Free mobile app giving māmā and whānau hapū (those who are pregnant and their families) information about pregnancy, birth and caring for pēpi and mokopuna (babies and grandchildren).

    • Hāpai Te Hauora