Healthify He Puna Waiora

Managed by: Health Navigator Charitable Trust

Find information about health topics, medicines, healthy living and health services through the Healthify website.


Healthify He Puna Waiora provides a place for everyone living in Aotearoa New Zealand to find reliable and trustworthy health information and self-care resources in one place. The website is not-for-profit run by a charity, combining the efforts of a wide range of partner and supporter organisations and is overseen by the Health Navigator Charitable Trust.

The website is developed and maintained by the trust’s content specialists who work with Aotearoa New Zealand clinicians, consumers and subject matter experts who help review and update topics. This means that information is up-to-date, relevant, acceptable and aligned with best practice.

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The Healthify website promotes clear, consistent messages that enable users — both the public and healthcare providers — to get the information they need at the time they need it. Content must meet a quality framework before it is published.

Who can use this digital service?

Anyone can use the Healthify website.

Service examples

A few examples of what you can do using the Healthify website include the following.

  • Read about 1000s of health topics and medicines, all in plain language.
  • Watch videos.
  • Find information in different languages including NZSL.
  • Search for a support group.
  • Find out about brand changes to a particular medicine.
  • Discover health-related programmes and courses.

Digital service type



The Healthify website is part of the Sponsored Data initiative, which allows the public to access key health sector websites on mobile devices without incurring data use charges.

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