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Digitise and manage new general practice (GP) enrolments through a secure online form.


Rapid Rēhita provides a service that makes enrolling with a general practice (GP) easy, paperless and remote. This means that GPs are more likely to reach unenrolled patient populations, increasing health equity.

Enrolments through the Rapid Rēhita service are secure and ensure privacy is protected. This service is currently available in te reo Māori, Hindi, and Simplified Chinese.

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Rapid Rēhita digital service

Rapid Rēhita provides an online form for people to enrol with a GP. The form is customisable, user-friendly, and simple to use. It follows an evidence-based approach to ensure the form is accessible and easy to complete.

Once submitted, the enrolment form is validated and turned into a PDF. The enrolment files are emailed to the practice along with any supporting evidence, such as photo identification. Practice staff can then add the new patient to the Practice Management System (PMS) and if necessary, email transfer documentation to the practice the patient is moving from.

The enrolment form is fully customisable — you can add your own questions and let patients choose a particular GP. You can also limit enrolments to re-enrolment / pre-enrolments.

Rapid Rēhita also provides a customisable health questionnaire.

Who can use this digital service

GP clinics looking for a simple, user-friendly way to enrol and transfer patients can use Rapid Rēhita.

Example use cases

The below are a few examples of how you can use Rapid Rēhita.

  • Advertise your practice’s availability to enrol new patients.
  • Send a link to someone looking to enrol in your practice.
  • Email a transfer request to another practice.
  • Ask a new patient to complete a health questionnaire to get an understanding of their health.

View a demonstration version of the enrolment form to see what patients will see, as well as the completed form.

Enrolment Form Demonstration — Rapid Rēhita(external link)

Digital service type

Online form

Onboarding and implementation

To start using the Rapid Rēhita service, fill out the form with your practice details. The Rapid Rēhita team will set up your practice and contact you if they need any additional information.

Sign up your practice — Rapid Rēhita (external link)


Rapid Rēhita uses Rust extensions, Python, and Django.

Rapid Rēhita does not store patient data, and data is always encrypted both in transit and at rest. Data does not leave New Zealand and Australia, where privacy requirements and regulations are comparable and work to protect patients' interests.

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